'Whatever This Is.' Web Series Concludes First Season With 'Broke' Episode

The team behind the acclaimed, queer-friendly web series "Whatever this is." is capping off 2013 with an explosive season finale.

The sixth episode, "Broke," sees Sam (played by Hunter Canning), Ari (Dylan Marron) and Lisa (Madeline Wise) shaken by a particularly distressing turn of events. SPOILER ALERT: Lisa's lesbian employers just might save the day in the end -- check out the full "Broke" episode at the top to find out what happens.

Although not as gay-specific as writer-director Adam Goldman's previous venture "The Outs," "Whatever this is." has nonetheless never shied away from tackling LGBT-specific subject matter. The web series even took on New York's recent spate of anti-gay violence in its third episode, "Ghost Cheaters."

"We didn't want to be too on-the-nose about it, so I think for some people it will fly overhead, but I tried to write the kind of material that would perhaps bring me a little comfort given the circumstances," Goldman told HuffPost Gay Voices in an email at the time. "Hopefully that's the way it reads for the audience as well."

Check out "Broke" above, and read more about "Whatever this is." here.



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