Whatever You Focus on Expands

There aremany good things in our lives -- way more good things than bad -- but all we talk about and worry about are all the problems.
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Whatever you focus on, expands is such a simple, easy and truthful idea.

Think about it. When you are thinking about getting a new car, you start noticing that car everywhere you go. So why is it so hard for most of us to get this simple concept? If we want love, abundance and wellness, why not focus on love, abundance and wellness? Our minds are so trained to think and talk about the problems of the world that breaking that habit becomes tough. When telling your story always talk and focus on the stuff you want to show up, not the stuff you don't want to show up.

Here are some easy steps to start to focus on goodness.

  1. If you want wellness, talk and think about all the things that are working on your body. Call you friends and say, "Hey I am so happy today! My vision is clear."

  • When noticing the bad qualities of others, immediately start thinking about the good qualities instead. For instance if your husband is bugging you to no end, stop the angry thoughts and begin to think about all the good stuff he does.
  • If the bills are piling up, instead of calling your sister and telling her there is no money for anything, call her and say, "Yeah, went to the store today and bought some apples."
  • If you hate your job stop telling everyone the drueling misery that it is and start talking about what you love to do. You might notice a new job opportunity presenting itself!
  • There are so many good things in our lives -- way more good things than bad -- but all we talk about and worry about are all the problems. We must stop torturing ourselves and start talking about the good stuff and ignore the bad. We may just notice miracles popping up everywhere. It is a proven thing, thoughts and words are energy. Start creating good energy by telling a good story!

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