What’s Even Happening In This Video Of Naked Men In Chairs?

You're welcome.

The world is full of oddities.

Some confuse us, some entertain, and others, well, they just leave us in awe.

This is one of those awe-inspiring things:

men in chairs

A video posted by Cool 3D World (@cool3dworld) on

Entranced? Excited? Us, too.

We’ve never found art as enticing as this.

It has us asking so many questions: Who are these men? Why are their faces like that? Why are they naked in chairs? Will they ever stop screaming?!

The video was created by New York graphic artists Brian Tessler and Jon Baken. The two told The Huffington Post that they’ve been making videos together for just about a year now and that “this is only the beginning.”

“We have plans to extend Man in Chairs,” they said.

Scream on, naked chair men. Scream on.

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