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Do you know what's holding you back?

Feedback can be the key to unlock many of the things that people want: better and deeper relationships, promotions, opportunities, connections and networking. Responding to feedback helps you to shape and control your reputation. In the 'referral economy' that we live in today, you can't just get by without listening and acting upon feedback. The Secret 360 can reveal what's holding you back, so you can fix it.

So many of the things that hold us back are unknown to us.
But they are known to the people who we interact with. How many times have you tried to sort out a mis-understanding with someone, a friend or colleague, only to find that the impressions they have of you and your communication style weren't at all what you thought you were projecting? What problems and issues could have been avoided or fixed when they were small and manageable as opposed to waiting until the problems were big and difficult, or worse, a relationship was damaged beyond repair?

Learn to listen for feedback in a whole new way.

Do you get feedback consistently? Many people say they don't. But, feedback is given to you much more often that you think, you just have to learn to listen for it in a new way. Some people think they have to wait for an annual performance review to get actionable feedback from their manager. They don't.

Other people think they have to wait for an argument with their partner or a family member to truly understand how their behaviour is affecting them and their relationship. They don't.

Feedback is all around us, we just have to learn to recognise it. The Secret 360 helps you do that because it's a self-assessment to log and analyse Feedback Quotes which reveal issues and patterns with your behaviour and communication style.

So what does a Feedback Quote actually look like?

You might have someone remark on your listening skills with a statement such as: "do I really need to repeat this to you, again?" or your team communication skills with a statement like: "the team isn't really sure why we are competing in this market".
You might find that people remark on your ability to communicate important details and therefore feel they're left out of your decision making with comments such as: "you didn't tell the kids that you had a business trip this week". Or they might praise your influencing skills: "that was a tough customer. You really brought them around."

You could be held up as a good example in your workplace: "we'd like you to mentor the new staff member" and you may hear statements that describe to your ability to provide clarity such as: "the directions you gave were really confusing" or "I wasn't even sure why we were meant to deliver this project."

Feedback Quotes are already part of everyday communication. They're valuable and it's worth taking the time to use The Secret 360 to collect, analyse and act upon them.

Change is the end result of all true learning.

Feedback is given to you because it's meant to influence you to behave or communicate in a different way. If you're not listening for it, not hearing it and not acting upon it, it's really only a matter of time before you're typecast as someone who is difficult to influence, who doesn't take feedback seriously and who is set in their ways.

Feedback is an insight into what others consider to be your 'reputation'. Have you ever been told you're stubborn? Opinionated? Far too quiet? Not a great listener? A lone wolf? There are a wealth of impressions that others may have of you that can influence how people interact with you, what opportunities you are presented with and what relationships become deeper and more meaningful.

Change, for the better, with The Secret 360. Download your copy here: