What's It Going to Take, Barack? A Screed

I admire Barack Obama very much. He's smart as hell and his attempt to change the tone of politics has been admirable. But it has failed.

These right-wingnuts who have hijacked the Republican party aren't interested in bipartisanship. They're interested in one thing and one thing only: Power. They don't like to be out of it and they want it back. They're not interested in getting anything done except making sure the rich stay rich. They don't believe in global warming, they don't care about the poor, they don't give a shit that there are 47 million uninsured and most bankruptcies are due to medical bills of people with insurance. They love going to war. High defense spending gives them a woody.

Some of them ran from Bush at the end of his administration because he was politically toxic, but they never really disagreed with anything he did. They were pro-Iraq and, of course, pro-tax cuts. And when they needed to win the votes of the elderly, they were all for Medicare Part D, a giant government health program if there ever was one. They would have all voted against the original Medicare and now pose as its greatest defenders. Medicare, the epitome of socialized medicine.

They are hypocrites, liars and racists. The signs at the 9.12 rally were stomach-churning, replete with references to "zoos" and "Africa." Participants said ridiculous and stupid things like "America is being taken over by Muslims" and Obama was equivalent to Joseph Stalin and Hitler--men responsible for the death of 100 million people between them.

What's it going to take, Barack? Do you want to be liked so badly that you just refuse to see there is absolutely no placating these people? This is a democracy. We have elections so that the winners can get things done, not placate the losers or remain polite in the face of vicious calumny. Enough of Mr. Cool! Call these liars out ON A DAILY BASIS if you have to, and if you're so sure you need to remain "Presidential" send out attack dogs. The masses just to the right of middle, who voted for your replete with their doubts, are being swayed by this outrageous bullshit because they're not hearing the truth from you. You can't depend on Rachel Maddow to set the record straight, too many of these dazed souls are watching Bill O'Reilly because he's no smarter than they are, and they like it that way -- that's why they voted for Bush. These Americans don't respect intellect, they suspect it.

Attack the health insurance companies for what they are, leeches who make $300 billion a year doing as little as possible. Don't leave to all to Anthony Weiner. Say out loud that Glenn Beck calling you a racist is obscene, as it would require you to hate your own mother. Call them windbags, deluded and uncaring--or get Rahm Emmanuel to. NO MORE MR NICEGUY. It's not working -- it's already cost you the public option.

You won with 54% of the vote and have double majorities in Congress. ACT LIKE IT. Call us out into the streets. If they get 50,000 in D.C., we should get a million. The haters are never going to like you, they're never going to work with you, they encourage the birthers and the deathers and they're in the pockets of the corporate overlords. Publish their donor lists. Show indignation over signs that denigrate Kennedy.

Fight back, for crying out loud!