What's Keeping You From Always Living Your Purpose?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just knew that this is what you were put here on earth to do? It's almost like you want to cry, but not from sadness. You are overwhelmed with warmth and clarity. You know those moments. In those moments, you are living your purpose. You feel fulfilled and useful and grateful and humbled. I had a moment like that today. And being in that moment made me realize that these moments are too few and far between.

Today, I went to see a client in the hospital who is in a lot of pain. When I left, I was grateful for the opportunity to use the healing talents I have been blessed with to help ease a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual pain... to help bring some comfort and peace to someone going through hell.

When I left, I experienced that moment of feeling fully present in living my purpose. I felt aligned and grounded. I felt complete and whole. And then just as quickly as that moment came... that moment passed. Why is that? I asked myself, is it possible to live like that all the time -- to be constantly connected to living our purpose, so that the moments don't come and go? Why are they just moments to me? Why am I not continually feeling like I'm living my purpose? The conclusion I came up with was that it's because of all the negative self talk that creeps in. For me, thoughts like "who are you to think you can help heal anybody?" "why do you think you're so special that you get to help heal people?" and mostly, it's the thoughts that come up telling me that I'm not good enough, I'm not a good healer, and I can't really help anybody. The negative FALSE thoughts strike again, keeping us from continually connecting from living our purpose. I realized the only thing keeping me from believing in and moving forward in living my purpose every day is these thoughts and doubts. And as I've discussed in prior posts, these thoughts are not real. So I am making a commitment to myself to choose to just observe these negative thoughts that come up which are trying to keep me from living my purpose daily. Because it is a choice. And I can choose to live my purpose all the time. Not just in moments.

Think about when you have had those moments. When you have just felt in every part of your body that you were living your purpose. When you just knew and you were connected and full and complete. Think about that moment and put yourself in that feeling place of being there again. Then ask yourself what negative thoughts come up for you that are keeping you from consistently feeling like that and living like that. Being aware of these specific thoughts is half the battle. Now that you're familiar with them, you can choose not to believe them when they come up. You can just observe them, and move forward in living your purpose. It is a choice to believe those negative thoughts or not.

Every single person was put here with a specific, special purpose -- one that is meant just for them and nobody else. So go live it, and share it with the world!