What's New On Netflix In May 2016?

Netflix is about to bring it.

Brrrr! it's about to get cold in here. There must be some Netflix in the atmosphere.

The streaming service is set to cheer you up in May by adding timeless classics "Bring It On" and "Bring It On: All Or Nothing." If you don't like cheerleading movies, you probably have enough problems in your life, so Netflix is bringing you new and returning originals, too. There are also comedies such as "American Dad," classic movies such as "Sixteen Candles" and, yeah, even "Kindergarten Cop 2," which is probably in a category all its own.

May 1

"A Study in Sherlock" (2016)

"Admiral" (2015)

"Ava's Possessions "(2015)

"Bring It On" (2000)

"Bring It On: All or Nothing" (2006)

"Easy Living" (Seasons 1-3)

"El Crítico" (2013)

"FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue" (1998)

"Finger of God" (2007)

"Gary Gulman: It's About Time" (2016)

"Great Expectations" (1998)

"I Am Road Comic" (2014)

"Jesus Town, USA" (2014)

"Just Friends" (2005)

"Kevin Hart Presents Keith Robinson: Back of The Bus Funny" (2015)

"Kevin Hart Presents Lil Rel: RELevent" (2015)

"Kevin Hart Presents: Plastic Cup Boyz" (2015)

"LoliRock" (Season 1)

"My Last Day Without You" (2011)

"The Nutty Professor" (1996)

"Off the Map" (2013)

"Palm Trees in the Snow" (2015)

"Pleasantville" (1998)

"Shark Lake" (2015)

"She's Beautiful When She's Angry" (2014)

"Sixteen Candles" (1984)

"Sugar Coated" (2015)

"Terra" (2015)

"Things We Lost in the Fire" (2007)

"To Catch a Thief "(1955)

"Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down a Dream" (2007)

"Who’s Driving Doug" (2016)

May 2

"The Replacements" (2000)

May 3

"Submerged" (2015)

May 4

"The Keeping Room" (2015)

"Shanghai Knights" (2003)

May 5

"Fourth Man Out" (2015)

"Marseille" (Netflix Original)

May 6

"Ali Wong: Baby Cobra" (Netflix Original) 

"Baby Daddy" (Season 5)

"Grace and Frankie" (Netflix Original, Season 2)

"Young & Hungry" (Season 3)

May 8

"The Chosen Ones" (2015)

May 9

"A Stand Up Guy' (2015)

May 10

"Eisenstein in Guanajuato" (2015)

May 11

"Chelsea" (Netflix Original)

"Goosebumps" (2015)

"They Look Like People" (2015)

May 12

"Bleeding Heart" (2015)

May 15

"We Are Still Here" (2015)

"Yo Soy la Salsa" (2014)

May 17

"American Dad!" (Season 10)

"Kindergarten Cop 2" (2016)

"Slasher" (Season 1)

May 18

"A Girl Like Her" (2015)

May 19

"Benders" (Season 1)

May 20

"Lady Dynamite" (Netflix Original)

May 22

"David and Goliath" (2015)

"The Letters" (2014)

"The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death" (2015)

May 23

"Electricity" (2014)

May 26

"Graceland" (Season 3)

"The Last Man on the Moon" (2016)

May 27

"Bloodline" (Netflix Original, Season 2)

"Chef's Table" (Netflix Original, Season 2)

"The Do-Over" (2016) (Netflix Original)

"Mako Mermaids" (Netflix Original, Season 4)

May 28

"Hell on Wheels" (Season 5)



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