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What's Next for Anna Sui

Anna Sui radiates a contagious enthusiasm that everyone wants to be a part of. I had the great pleasure of meeting Anna recently and discussing what defines her signature style.
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Sporting her blunt-edge haircut, vivacious floral print plum dress, youthful painted nails, and rocker boots, Anna Sui has easily been named one of the "Top 5 Fashion Icons of the Decade."

I had the great pleasure of meeting Anna at the Initiatives in Art and Culture conference in which she discussed what defines her signature style, her quest for vintage, personal inspirations and what is next for her worldwide recognized brand.

With a charismatic glow about her, Sui radiates a contagious enthusiasm that everyone wants to be a part of! She has standout taste that not many can duplicate. Prepping to be a fashion designer from the tender age of 4, she has spent a lifetime collecting images and articles and stashing them under her bed to create archives of her personal taste to reflect back.

Sui describes her signature style as, "The concept to sell to rock stars and to those who go to rock concerts." However, she does have a romantic flair to her newly explored and widely successful evening and bridal wear pieces. These pieces are considered for the mysterious yet whimsical "lower canyon bride." She has impeccable craft and considers her job the best job in the world because she gets to do what she loves and is obsessed with every day: FASHION.

Gathering her inspiration through her travels around the world visiting flea markets in Paris and Japan, the quest for Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau satisfies her vintage tastes. Often purchasing items she sees as potential for an array of projects, whether it is for use today or fifteen years from now, she is willing to explore many facets of the perfect find.

Well known for her imaginative clothing including Dolly Girl by Anna Sui, shoes, perfumes, and cosmetics; the world eagerly awaits and wonders what is next for this multi-talented designer. The answer: Interior Designs. With her brand brimming with diversity, she wants to push the envelope by expanding to the next level with a line of home goods.

Aside from Anna's many accomplishments as a fashion designer, she is actively involved in campaigning as the super head for Save the Garment Center. The Garment District of New York is extremely valuable to so many designers. For almost a century, the district has occupied the midtown location as a source of fabrics, trims and factories. It's nice to know someone as busy as Anna who has such a strong influence in the industry still takes the time to participate in causes she is passionate about.

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