What's On Your Holiday Wish List?

What do you get the entrepreneur who has everything? After all, the freedom to start and grow your own business sits at the top of many people's wish lists, so these guys already have it made, right?

Sure, entrepreneurs may be living out their American Dreams, but they also clock marathon days, crisscross the country chasing new business and have a tough time deciphering the line between work and play. For some, the best part about the holidays is simply unwinding with family and friends and hopefully putting the BlackBerry on vibrate.

Our Board of Directors is about as hardworking a group as they come. So with the holiday season upon us, we decided to ask them for their wish lists this year. From solar-powered keyboards to spa days to a speedy recovery for the U.S. economy, their picks might inspire you to run to the mall -- or just plain inspire you.

Tom Szaky

Founder, TerraCycle
"The Eco-Capitalist"

"Beyond the obvious -- great time with friends and world peace -- I just bought myself the new Logitech's Wireless Solar Powered Keyboard for Mac. I hate changing batteries in my wireless devices. Why can't they all be solar powered?"

Bob Parsons

Founder and Executive Chairman, Go

"The Renegade"

"This year, as I wish every year, I'm hoping my 90-year-old mom hits it big at the slot machines. Whenever that happens, which isn't often, it makes her so happy!

"I'm also wishing for the coolest holiday party ever for our employees. As challenging as it will be to top last year's Go Daddy holiday party, something tells me 'Santa' is going to come through big time with this year's.

"On a more serious side, I hope and pray all the men and women in our armed services get home safe and sound."

Tate Chalk

Founder and CEO, Nfinity
"The Matador"

"The coolest stuff I have seen this year: The Celluon Virtual Laser Keyboard and the Saddleback Leather iPad 2 Case."

Danielle and Jodie Snyder

Co-Founders, DANNIJO
"The Sniper And Lil' Snipes"

"We're wishing for Fresh's Brown Sugar Body Polish, "The Boombox Project" and a Mandarin Oriental massage."

Clint Greenleaf

Founder and CEO, Greenleaf Book Group
"The Cowboy"

"My wish list: A great family vacation, some new tools for my workshop and an actual economic recovery."

Rob Adams

Director, Texas Venture Labs at the University of Texas
"The Validator"

"An iPad. I'm hoping to take my minimalist travelling luggage practice to the next level and dump the bigger laptop."

Lexy Funk

Co-Founder and CEO, Brooklyn Industries
"The Contrarian"

"What am I wishing for? A donation to Kiva, jewelry from Lara Bohinc, an interesting designer from London and "1Q84" by Huraki Murakami."

Rieva Lesonsky

Founder and CEO, GrowBiz Media

"The Beacon"

"I would have said iPad, but I'm waiting for the new one. A truly powerful, yet lightweight laptop that doesn't cost a fortune. A new suitcase -- I (more accurately the airlines) keep trashing the ones I buy.

"I would also like the holiday elves to come clean my office. More hours in a day

"Finally, less BS in Washington about what's going to help small businesses -- and more actual help."