'What's On Your Plate?' (VIDEO): Documentary Engages Kids In The Food Process

It all started with one delicious cherry tomato.

Catherine Gund's documentary, "What's On Your Plate," puts two 11-year-old kids in the center of the food debate, discussing and engaging in the food they eat, beginning with their quest to discover who made the best cherry tomato ever.

The two New York City girls, Sadie and Safiyah, explore the food systems in the city and surrounding areas, talking to food activists, farmers, markets, families, etc. The kids have the most genuine sort of curiosity, and they astutely ask all the right questions.

"What's the difference between the food we saw on the farm and the food we saw here? What's OK to eat? What's it made of? And what is a Funyun?"

How many 11-year-olds do you know who would care what a Funyun is?

WATCH the trailer:

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