What’s really missing from your seemingly-perfect life?

What’s really missing from your seemingly-perfect life?
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It seems like you have it all. The business. The money. The status. The wife. The house. The car. The big screen TV. Your other toys. The vacations. The golf club or country club or gym. The lot.

But something is missing, and you know it.

You can feel it when you go to sleep, or when you read about someone who really inspires you. Perhaps you realize you are missing that quality that inspires you.

Maybe nobody notices. Or perhaps your wife and friends have been saying this for a while, but it was easier to avoid that.

You try to numb yourself with work, drinks, masturbation, errands, family, social responsibilities, or anything else you can find.

But it keeps nagging at you.

And you know that it is affecting all areas of your life, making you less successful, less influential, and ultimately less happy.

Are you ready to look in the mirror?

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Here goes:

Are you connected to your mission and purpose? Are you really doing what you love? Are you offering your highest gift? Are you growing? Are you leaving a legacy?

Is it your business? Do you feel that you could achieve so much more, if only…? Are you making a real difference in your clients’ lives? Are you running a business or changing the world?

Maybe it’s how you feel about yourself. Deep down inside, do you love yourself? Do you accept yourself? Do you celebrate who and what you are? Do you dare to express your real self, your uniqueness, and your greatness?

Perhaps it’s your masculinity. Do you love being a man? Are you expressing your masculine essence? Are you embodying penetrating presence, unwavering love, and a deep connection to spirit? Do you have meaningful friendships with distinguished men?

Or is it your sex life? Are you as successful in bed as you are in business? Do you last as long as you want? Is your partner really satisfied? Are you sure?

It might be your family. Are you there for your wife, your children, your siblings and your parents? Are you there to see your kids take their first step, perform in the school play, compete on the pitch (the sports field) or graduate? Is there passion and growth in your relationship?

It could be your private life. Do you have hobbies and interests that fulfill you outside of your career? Are you expressing your creativity? Are you growing?

Maybe it’s your body. How is your health? Are you in shape? Are you sacrificing your future to enjoy a few guilty pleasures in the present? What are you compensating for? How would it feel to miss your daughters’ wedding because you are in hospital, or worse?

Or is it your role as a member of society? Are you sharing your wealth, time, and experience with others who are less fortunate than you? Are you a leader and an example for others?

What have you been putting off? If everything was possible, if everything was taken care of – business, family, etc – what would you do? Is there a dream or a wish you had for years but never believed it was actually possible to make it come true?

Or maybe it’s beyond that. Do you feel connected to spirit, source, god, or whatever you wanna call it? Do you have a daily spiritual practice? Are you evolving as a spiritual being?

Are you living a balanced, integrated, and meaningful life? Or are you sacrificing one aspect of life because it’s easier not to deal with it?

If you were to die tomorrow, will you die happy? Knowing that you have lived life to the fullest, shared your gift with others and grew as a spiritual being?

Or will you die with the music still inside you?

As long as you don’t deal with the missing piece in your life, you will probably not gonna find the happiness, meaning and fulfillment you seek. A new car, a promotion or a vacation wouldn’t fulfill you.

Deep down inside you already know it, but you might be afraid to acknowledge it.

Can you allow yourself to feel it? Seriously, just pause for a moment and really feel it. Feel the pain of not expressing your full potential, not pursuing your purpose, or not living life to the fullest. Feel the tension in your body, your chest, your forehead, or your belly. Feel into the suffering of others who might benefit from your offering.

How long can you keep doing this?

How would you feel in five years if things don’t change?

How would the people around you feel?

As a fellow brother on the path, I am calling on your integrity as a man.

I am inviting you to stand up for who you really are and for what you are here to do.

It’s your responsibility, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Reach out to your friends. Read books. Attend workshops. Hire a coach.

It’s not gonna be easy. You might have to face stuff that you’ve been avoiding for years, maybe for your entire life. At some moments you might want to run away or numb yourself with alcohol, work, porn, TV or food. And every such a moment will be an opportunity for you to show up. To face your demons. To acknowledge your power and your greatness.

I don’t know you, but if you’re reading this, I know you can do it.

Start small, or take such a huge step that you wouldn’t be able to turn back.

Either way, Don’t put this off.

Now is the time.

I invite you to take the first step by writing down or voice-recording whatever comes up, and deciding on:

– What’s the missing piece that you need to work on? – What are the steps you need to take this week, month, and year? – Who can help you?

To make sure you stay accountable, share your realizations in the comments below or contact me to share in private.


About the author:

Eyal Matsliah is an author, speaker, and coach. He helps conscious business people to transform their sexual, professional and spiritual lives. They learn to harness their sexual energy to express their highest gifts, help others and create wealth.

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