This Clown Accused Of DUI 'Just Had A Few Drinks'

The suspect was driving a red Ford SUV, not a clown car.
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Drunk driving is no laughing matter, not even if the suspect is wearing a clown costume.

Well, maybe it's worth a giggle.

Joel Allen Sloan was pulled over Saturday night after deputies in Jefferson County, Alabama, saw a red Ford SUV weaving in and out of traffic, reports.

The cop who pulled over Sloan quickly noticed the suspect was dressed in full clown regalia, including rainbow wig, a polka-dotted and striped suit and oversized shoes.

The 51-year-old Sloan told the officer that he "just had a few drinks," but gave no explanation why he was dressed up like a clown, according to The Smoking Gun.

Upon checking Sloan's identification, the cop discovered he had an outstanding felony warrant for theft of property in the first degree.

Sloan was booked on that charge, as well as DUI, according to The suspect was taken the Jefferson County Jail where he posed for a mug shot without greasepaint.

Jefferson County Jail
Creepy Clowns

Creepy Clowns