What's So Feminine About Being a Feminist?

The short answer is, absolutely nothing! There is no doubt why being a feminist carries a negative connotation, just take a peek at this recent article from USA Today -- Better not to land a spaceship on a comet than let men wear sexist clothing. Feminists' organizations put the emphasis on a t-shirt as being offensive, over the great accomplishment in space that was just achieved by men and women. I am a consultant and coach specializing in feminine leadership, yet I would have never even noticed the t-shirt and I purposely stay clear of labeling myself as a feminist, for the exact reason this article depicts.

There was a time in history, the 1970s, when this type of feminist movement and outrage was necessary, it created a great breakthrough around equality for women. This angry voice no longer serves women, men or the evolution of our world. The outdated feminist is about anger, victim-hood, men vs. women and taking a defensive posture in order to drive change, and it ends up creating double standards. Who cares that the guy in the spaceship was wearing a cartoon t-shirt with half nude women. Imagine if the situation was reversed, a man would have been publicly flogged if he said anything about a woman's attire.

Women are empowered and have equality in Western culture. Do we need a few policy changes, sure -- but the real issue is the lack of balance between masculine and feminine characteristics in the world. And I don't mean male vs. female. True empowerment comes from peace, which is exactly what the 21st century, dare I call it "feminist" movement should be about. We all come from our greatest power when we are peacefully empowered. So when these feminist women get angry, they miss the mark and only compound and add to the problem, not solve it. What they are really expressing is not about the true need for change and evolution, but an expression of the unhealed feminine.

The answer lies in creating balance between masculine and feminine energy in the world, call it the yin and yang. Gender diversity and partnership in commerce, technology and politics is a 21st century necessity. The masculine power -- linear, analytical, competitive, and logical -- has been driving us for thousands of years, which is great, we needed it to get where we are today. But the feminine energy is what is being called upon now for our next stage of human evolution and is a requirement to heal and transform our world. The last thing we need is more anger, outrage and judgment.

According to global research conducted by John Gerzema, BAV Consulting, WPP Group PLC, 2012: eight of the top 10 competencies desired for modern leaders are considered feminine. True feminism, is about invoking the divine feminine into the world. It is about sensuality, compassion, expression, intuition, empathy, and collaboration. I say let's replace the word feminist with the word feminista, because she is about healing, creating balance, and fostering peace. Besides, I don't really care what's on your t-shirt, as long as you are helping create a giant step forward for mankind or womankind. It's time for us all to get our feminine on!