Stephen Colbert Talks Religion With Stephen Prothero (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night's (March 29) episode of The Colbert Report, special guest Stephen Prothero joined the host for a wide-ranging discussion of the world's religions aimed at answering an important, (perhaps even the most important) question: which religion is the best?

After giving up Catholicism for Lent, and then giving up Judaism because he liked it too much, Colbert invited Prothero onto his show to help him find a suitable substitute.

Always one to jump on a bandwagon, Colbert first asked for the world's fastest growing religion. When Prothero, HuffPost blogger and the author of God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run The World and Why Their Differences Matter, revealed that the answer was Islam, Colbert pointed out that the Muslim faith was facing a bit of a "P.R. nightmare."

Prothero then detailed the peaceful ways of the Quakers, a tradition that only seemed to interest Colbert because of Richard Nixon's affiliation with them.

Colbert and Prothero went on to cover Hinduism, the concepts of karma and reincarnation (including the past lives of Stephen's cat), Jainism and the Shaker tradition.

Did they ever reach an answer for which religion was the best? Did Stephen decide which faith he will try out next during Lent?