What's Up With Claire Underwood's Shoes?

Nobody -- not even the "House of Cards" character -- should spend so much time in heels that high!

If you're a Netflix addict, chances are you spent a good portion of the weekend watching the newly released season of "House of Cards." While we thoroughly enjoyed it (no spoilers here, don't worry), we couldn't help but wonder: What's up with Claire Underwood's shoes?

The fictional FLOTUS, played by 49-year-old actress Robin Wright, prances around in four-inch heels for upwards of 20 hours a day. She strides across the White House's slippery polished floors with ease, struts down hospital corridors back erect and stands upright in these veritable torture chambers while finger-poking the Russian president in the chest. Hell, the woman even collapses on her ottoman and falls asleep still wearing her female shackles.

We will say this for Claire: She owns those heels. But really, must she wear them at 10 p.m. in the White House private residence kitchen? And on the plane? Don't her feet swell and she doesn't she want to kick them off like everyone else does at 32,000 feet? 

Many of us felt just like this:


Surely Claire has bionic feet. Lest you think I've got a foot fetish (actually what I have is plantar fasciitis and a bunion), here's what some of our Huff/Post50 Facebook friends had to say:

"My feet hurt watching her, but I'm also awestruck," said Julie Wallach.

Marcia Edwards Ford wrote, "I was [just] about to post the following, word for word: 'Doesn't Claire Underwood ever go crazy, kick off her heels, and walk around the house barefoot?' It's bugging the heck out of me."

And from Susan Brink, "Exactly! There's not a woman on Earth who wouldn't have kicked off those shoes the minute she walked in the door!"

But the real insight about Claire and her shoes may have come from Hayley K. Hoppe's comment: "You do know that she is only comfortable when she is in pain, it's the only thing she feels." Bingo!

Which leaves us with just one final question: If this is indeed the season that Claire leaves President Underwood, what will be on her feet when she walks out the door? Hopefully some sensible flats.