What's the Most Popular State for Summer Vacations?

Five states dominated the Top 100 destination list, collectively claiming 49 of the most popular spots!
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Hotel search trivago.com analyzed the 100 most popular domestic destinations for travel this June, July and August (based on hotel searches) to find out which U.S. state will welcome the most visitors this summer.

Five states dominated the Top 100 destination list, collectively claiming 49 of the most popular spots!

Can you guess which state rules summer?

Atlantic City, New Jersey via Pixabay

New Jersey may be small, but it puts up a big fight to attract tourists each summer - and it's working! Thanks to 130 miles of coastline, The Garden State is home to four of the 100 most popular U.S. summer vacation destinations with trivago users this year.

The 3 most popular New Jersey destinations:

1. Atlantic City
2. Wildwood
3. Cape May

Great Smoky Mountain National Park via Gatlinburg Tourism

Who knew Tennessee was such a popular place to vacation? Mountain and music lovers are flocking to the Southern state in 2015, which also nabbed four of the Top 100 domestic destinations for summer.

The 3 most popular Tennessee destinations:

1. Nashville
2. Pigeon Forge
3. Gatlinburg

#3 - TEXAS
Texas Star via Visit Dallas

The Lone Star state won't be "lonely" this summer. With eight of the 100 most popular vacation destinations in 2015, Texas is going to be a very busy place in June, July and August.

The 3 most popular Texas destinations:

1. San Antonio
2. Galveston
3. South Padre Island

San Diego via Pixabay

California may have taken second place with travelers this summer, but being home to nine of the 100 most searched U.S. destinations isn't too shabby!

The 3 most popular California destinations:

1. San Diego
2. Anaheim
3. Los Angeles

Miami Beach via Pixabay

The Sunshine State officially rules summer! By claiming 24 of the 100 most popular destinations with trivago users this year, Florida is by far the favorite U.S. state for summer vacations.

The 3 most popular Florida destinations:

1. Orlando
2. Miami Beach
3. Panama City Beach

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