What's With the Tall Tales on My Telly?

Photo courtesy of Rumni Saha

  • Why is the perfect family, impeccably dressed, make-up and preppie clothes in place, sleeping on a mattress with no cover?

  • A pretty woman sharing room after room of her beautiful "home," each chamber furnished with the splendors from the store she is extolling yet someone forgot to install doors in her mansion. Do they really think I can't see through that?
  • Why doesn't my carpet installer, balancing a giant roll of carpet on his tired shoulders, remotely resemble a runway model?
  • Why isn't my family, gathered at the dinner table, beaming with happiness even though I added a "dollop of _ _ _ _ _?"
  • Why isn't my neighbor the envy of his friends, even though he drives "the envy of his friends?"
  • Why are there diamond crystals in my skin cream and diamond dust inside my mattress, yet I can't afford the tiniest rock for me?
  • "If 4 out of 5 dentists" recommended this particular product, and there are nearly 200,000 dentists in America, why does the company need an actor to play one?
  • Why is my wallet shrinking in spite of the promise that the "more I buy, the more I save?"
  • How did they convince me to order an "absolutely free" useless contraption for "only a small processing fee?"
  • What is it that I am not processing?

    Oh well, what's there not to feel good? After all, they told me that "I'm worth it."