HuffPost What's Working Honor Roll: The Seattle Times Is Changing The Way We Talk About Education

The Seattle Times has teamed up with the Solutions Journalism Network to change the conversation about education. The initiative, titled "Education Lab: Moving the Needle," seeks to take a "solutions-oriented approach" to the paper's education coverage, The Seattle Times' Linda Shaw said.

It will be one of the first times that a daily newspaper reports on education with a direct focus on solutions. The news around education is largely negative and grim, and this partnership aims to point the way toward change.

"Instead of talking about what was wrong, we were able to apply the solutions model and ask our reporters to use all of their reporting skills and apply them to stories about education initiatives that showed promise and that were working," Seattle Times' editor Kathy Best said.

The newspaper, along with SJN, then hope to take their coverage to the next level and move the conversation forward by asking one key question: "Can that success be duplicated?"

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