What's WorldNetDaily Hiding on Obama Birth Certificate?

As the saying goes: When you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing. By that standard, WorldNetDaily is clearly hiding something.

WND's desperate campaign to demand that Barack Obama prove he's a "natural born citizen" -- even though he already has -- is one long trail of falsehoods presented as facts, dishonesty about its agenda, and a lack of transparency about its own actions.

As I've already detailed, to make the claims it makes now, WND must contradict its own original reporting on the subject, which asserted that the birth certificate released by the Obama campaign in mid-2008 is "authentic" and that a lawsuit filed by Philip Berg on the matter in part "relies on discredited claims." WND has never retracted this article, yet WND editor Joseph Farah has falsely claimed that WND never made the assertions it contains.

But that's not the only thing WND is curiously afraid to tell its readers about. Among the others:

Who signed WND's birth certificate petition?

Who's donating to WND's billboard campaign?

Why won't WND address the repeated debunkings of its birth certificate-related claims?

What's WND's relationship with Orly Taitz? Why won't WND tell the truth about Taitz or the intra-birther lawsuit?

Why won't WND pay $10,000 to Sarah Obama?

Why does WND think it can lie to its readers about Obama?