What's Your Face Shape? Louis Licari's Haircut Advice

Having the perfect haircut for your hair texture and face shape make looking your best easy and is perhaps the surest way to look good.
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Time is the great luxury that none of us can afford. Simultaneously, because of the lagging economy, limited job market, and -- perhaps most important -- for our own self-esteem, looking our best has never been more vital. Having the perfect haircut for your hair texture and face shape make looking your best easy and is perhaps the surest way to look good. If your haircut doesn't accent your best features and hair texture, it's not the right cut for you.

The most popular haircuts are mostly celebrity driven this season. Move over, Jennifer Aniston. Her reign as queen of the "in" hairstyle might be close to over. This year, I've received many requests for the layered bob sported by Gwyneth Paltrow and the voluminous waves of Kim Kardashian. I think variations of these haircuts will be the big hits for summer. One reason for this is that both styles flatter most face shapes.

So which cut is best for your face shape?


You are the most lucky girl. All hair styles look great on you because your face is in perfect proportion. Classic haircuts look best on oval faces. Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba both have oval faces.


Be careful not to accent your strong, angular jaw. You need some texture on the ends of your hair to soften your jawline by releasing your curls or adding long choppy layers. Celebs with square faces include Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore.


You obviously want your face to look less broad. Hair that's cut just below the chin with soft layers will make your face appear slimmer. Cameron Diaz, Kristen Dunst and Michelle Williams are perfect examples of women who have round faces.


You need to draw attention to your eyes with side-swept bangs that distract from a pointy chin. I also suggest a strong part and hair that is cut at the jawline, similar to Paris Hilton's style.


Take care to avoid hair that drags your face down. Volume is an absolute requirement even if you wear your hair straight. Hair must always have fullness at the sides with some lift or long layers. Short to medium lengths work best. Gwyneth Paltrow's new cut is the perfect example of how a haircut can reshape a long face.

Make sure to have the right haircut and you will always look your best. The smallest changes can give the illusion of an entirely different face shape. The right cut will make your beauty routine simple and you your most beautiful.

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