What's Your Favorite Business Book?

Whether it's an iPad, Kindle, or good old fashioned paperback, many entrepreneurs keep a trusty book or two on their nightstands. Some look for entrepreneurial success stories penned by the likes of Richard Branson, others seek tomes on the latest marketing or management strategies, and more than a few just want to kick back with the latest Harry Potter novel.

Looking for a few literary recommendations? Forget Oprah's Book Club. We asked the Board of Directors to share some of their favorites.

Lexy Funk

Co-Founder and CEO, Brooklyn Industries

"The Contrarian"

"Right now, I am inspired by "The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures" by Dan Roam. He makes the case for drawing out strategy and communication using simple stick figures and shapes. It helps solve problems and break them down with pen and paper."

Clint Greenleaf

Founder and CEO, Greenleaf Book Group

"The Cowboy"

"'Who: The A Method for Hiring' by Geoff Smart. Hiring is the most important part of our business, and this book is our guide to find, hire and, keep the best candidates."

Jennifer Hill

Startup Advisory and Venture Lawyer, Gunderson Dettmer LLP

"The Advocate"

"Twyla Tharp distills the wisdom of her 35-plus-year dance career in 'The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life.' With theory and exercises on how to develop, hone, and cultivate rituals that impart self-reliance and confidence, Tharp provides tools to break through ruts and turn the proverbial blank canvas into art. No dancing required."

Steve Strauss

Columnist and Author of The Small Business Bible

"The Mr. AllBiz"

"Aside from 'The Small Business Bible,' of course, I love Barbara Winter's book, 'Making a Living Without a Job.' It changed my life."

Gary Whitehill

Founder, The Relentless Foundation and New York Entrepreneur Week

"The Sheriff"

"Simon Sinek's 'Start With Why.' In studying the leaders who've had the greatest influence in the world, Simon discovered that they all think, act, and communicate in the exact same way -- and it's the complete opposite of what everyone else does. It works in big business and small business, in the nonprofit world, and in politics."

The original version of this article appeared on AOL Small Business on 5/12/10.

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