What's Your Kid Packing for Campus?

Backpack, notebooks, and handgun
Backpack, notebooks, and handgun

The NRA won the gun control debate long ago. The U.S. is literally drowning in guns. It seems like very week we hear about another mass shooting, another toddler killing a parent or playmate while playing with a gun, and too many run-of-the-mill rapes and homicides to count.

So with the right to bear arms no matter the consequences firmly established in U.S. law and the psyche of our citizens, the NRA has to push new laws to stay viable and keep Congress and state legislatures firmly in its political pocket.

One of the newer so-called gun rights the group has cooked up is campus carry. Will students heading back to college this month be packing heat along with the books and booze? In nine states the answer is yes, with more on the way.

Latest convert in the NRA push to allow firearms on campus is Texas. No surprise there. Governor Greg Abbott recently signed it into law, so now any student, non-student hanger-on, or people just wandering the halls can sport their handguns if they have a permit. How many guns? No limit - as many as you can -- uh -- carry.

Advocates say gun toting will make the campus safer, and often tout prevention of 2014-04-01-yourvoicesmallest3.JPGrape as a major benefit. Right. Tell that to a 110 pound female being assaulted by a 200 pound frat boy. How long will it take for him to relieve her of her gun along with her false sense of safety?

The scary thing is not all students are against this madness. Students for Concealed Carry on Campus was founded in at Colorado University in 2007, on the heels of the Virginia Tech murders, and claims to exist to keep campus safe for students.

John Woods lost his girlfriend in that mass shooting at Virginia Tech. He has testified against guns on campus legislation in Texas and pointed out, "If more guns meant less crime, the United States would be the safest place in the world." He joined Armed Campuses with a petition against campus carry.

Clearly there's also a danger to faculty as well as students. Didn't give me an A? I'll show you. And another little thing - many college campuses are awash in alcohol and drugs. Adding guns to the mix seems like madness to me.

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