What's your Passion Piece? Let's Reinvent Your Life a Bit!

We're made of lots of pieces. We're complex and interesting and all of our different pieces fit together like a mosaic to make us whole. We're colorful, reflective and strong. Emotions and experiences glue us together.

Sometimes, we want to exchange a piece, add a piece, remove a piece -- that's reinvention!

I've realized that my "Passion Piece," the part of my mosaic that I cherish the most, is my reinvention media company -- my so-called "hobby" to those who know me. Since I have a family, run a major marketing and consulting agency full-time and balance a social life with lots of fun activities, I find it essential to have this escape. It is my passion and I always want to steal away and find time to indulge in interviews with interesting people, read more about life's reinventions, have inspired conversations and motivate others through my writing, which I share through blogs, social media and our website.

Do you know that if you're disgruntled in any area of your life, but have your own personal outlet, hobby or projects, you'll feel incredibly fulfilled and inspired? Balancing your life and nurturing your soul is the anecdote to any frustration or boredom and provides you with a sense of harmony and control over your life, regardless of anything good or bad that might otherwise be happening.

My life is very full and I'm very happy, but I'm always looking for what else would be exciting, fulfilling, interesting and enhancing for my life, something that will keep me inspired, motivated and engaged.

The greater challenge is often where and how to fit everything in that you want to do, because our to-do lists are very long. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed with what to do and can't figure out what it is, just sit back and think about what interests you.

Where can you find inspired ideas that might trigger some ideas? Flip through magazines, look through a bookstore and spend time online looking at websites from companies and subjects that interest you. Look at what your friends and colleagues are doing with their spare time. Take a walk and listen to some music from your 20's -- let your mind wander back to the days when you were more of a "dreamer" and see what starts to surface.

Think back to all that you wanted to explore and do when you were younger and not so busy. Just because there's work, family obligations (and joys!), schedules to adhere to, doesn't mean you can't indulge in the interests and fun that you so rightly deserve in this lifetime.

Wake up, smell the coffee, reinvent your life and own your Passion Piece!

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Enjoy and #HappyReinventing
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