What's Your Word For 2017?

What's Your Word For 2017?
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Ready to start this New Year?

One of the best ways to get clarity is to choose a word, ONE word to focus on, to dive into, to be your theme for the year.

In 2016, I chose receive to be that word.

I’ve spent the last 12 months really exploring what that means to me. I asked:

  • How do I allow myself to receive?
  • Where am I limiting that?
  • How do I experience opening up to recieve in my body, mind…

Through this process, I learned a lot about myself. Where I hold back, where I get stuck, where I feel afraid. Through a deeper relationship with this word, receive, it’s helped me open up more, relax more and allow myself to feel safe, comfortable and happy to let in all the abundance, happiness, opportunities and change that has come my way this year.

And now it’s time for me to choose a new word.

Here are 3 Ways to Help You Tune into Your Word for 2017

1. Ask

Get quiet and simply ask: What is my word for 2017? Is there something I could benefit from focusing on?

Here is a list of words some of my students have chosen in the past: bold, trust, faith, love, dream. balance, speak, mindfulness, pause, deliberate.

2. Use A Book

If you’ve asked and nothing comes to you, you can always try this cool trick.

Grab a book, any book, off the shelf and close your eyes. Think abot your word for the year and then randomly open the book. See where your eye lands and what it reveals.

3. Meditate On It

Once a word comes to you, try it on. Settle into the energy of that word.

  • How does it feel?
  • Is there an opportunity for learning and growth?
  • Is this where you need to go in 2017?

If the answers feel affirming, you’re on the right track. Don’t be dismayed if you feel scared. That’s often a pre-requisite to change.

My husband tells me that if he feels afraid, he knows he’s onto something!

Have fun with this and see where it takes you.

And if you’re ready to dive in more, download my FREE vision worksheet to really jump start your year!

Here’s to an amazing, wonderful 2017!

Shakti Sutriasa is the Founder of Decide Differently which provides tools for personal development and self transformation including: one-on-one support, workshops, meditation and more. Shakti’s unique approach combines modern psychology and spirituality to help people align to purpose, experience greater happiness, as well as release anxiety, and stress. Shakti is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and has an MA in Education. Learn More

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