Transgender People Share Photos Of Themselves For #WhatTransLooksLike

Even though queer people are gaining more and more visibility in mainstream media and society, that doesn't mean that the images we're presented with are always accurate or fully representative of who we really are and how we live our lives. And sometimes we're still disappointingly absent, especially when it comes to certain subsections of our community.

When it comes to transgender people, the past year has been an incredibly historic time for the community. From Laverne Cox on the cover of Time magazine to Janet Mock taking on Piers Morgan, trans people and issues have never received more attention or visibility. However, there is still much work that needs to be done to educate the general public and members of the queer community about what it means to be transgender. What's more, we'd love to see more trans people -- especially those who don't normally or necessarily have the spotlight -- featured and celebrated in the media.

So, thanks to the Twitter hashtag #WhatTransLooksLike, we're sending a little love to our trans friends who proudly shared their photos with us when we put out a call earlier this week. Feast your eyes on the beautiful folks who chose to take part in this campaign and if you want to be part of this stunning group, tweet your own photo using #WhatTransLooksLike and we'll add it in the coming days.

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