'Wheel Of Fortune' Robs Contestant Of An Audi SUV, But A Christmas Miracle Happens

Charlene Rubush solved the puzzle — and that's when the outrage started.

The Grinch that was “Wheel of Fortune” nearly stole a contestant’s Christmas. (Watch the video below.)

Game show player Charlene Rubush was denied an Audi Q3 SUV due to a technicality on Tuesday’s episode of the popular show.

At least that’s the way some viewers and media outlets saw it. Fans, including former “Jeopardy!” champ Alex Jacob, complained on Twitter that Rubush got robbed.

With a handful of squares empty while solving a Bonus Round word puzzle titled “What Are You Doing?” Rubush first guessed “Choosing the right card.” But it was wrong. She tried again. “Choosing the right ― word,” she said with a delay before the buzzer.

The phrase was correct and letter-revealer Vanna White appeared to begin clapping.

But the buzzer sounded and host Pat Sajak went full buzz-kill. He told Rubush the phrase needed to be more continuous to count. He then revealed the prize and it was an Audi Q3. No Audi for Charlene.

One viewer called it “the dumbest technicality” ever.

Jacob got involved in a Twitter campaign to get Rubush the Audi. It worked.

Audi USA on Wednesday apparently agreed to give her a Q3. “You’re a winner in our eyes, Charlene,” the company tweeted.

“WE DID IT,” Jacob exclaimed.

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