'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Just Totally Fails At This Guess

I'd like to buy a time machine so I can go take that answer back, Pat.

Sometimes "Wheel of Fortune" guesses are truly incredible, and all you can do it gape in amazement. This isn't one of those times.

On a recent episode of the show, one contestant decided to disregard the letters that were already shown so it would better suit their guess. Hey, that's just how we do things here in 'Merica.

How'd it work out? Eh, not so well. (#Merica)

In the guess, the contestant changes the word "night" to "right" and thinks a couple of the spots that are still blank could be occupied by letters that are already on the board, A and T. (C'mon, Vanna White! You have to reveal them all when they're guessed!)

At Uproxx points out, it may not go down as one of the worst guesses ever, but, still, is there an #SMH, Pat?

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 H/T Uproxx


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