‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Who Fans Think Was Robbed Of $40,000 Speaks Out

Fans argued that Megan Carvale gave the right answer. Now she’s putting any speculation over the “pink orchid” fiasco to rest.

It seems that there was no need for “Wheel of Fortune” fans to throw their remotes at their TVs last week.

On Tuesday’s episode, contestant Megan Carvale lost out on $40,000 during the bonus round when she failed to guess a two-word puzzle in the “Living Thing” category. Carvale had 10 seconds to solve the puzzle with five blank letters: “P_N_/_RC_ _D.”

A flustered Carvale eventually delivered the answer, “pony orchid.” And although a pony orchid sounds delightful, it does not exist. So it was a nay on Carvale earning some extra dough.

The correct answer was “pink orchid.”

Yet many fans were absolutely convinced Carvale said “pink” while she was nervously stammering for an answer — and took to social media to demand the show pony up.

Carvale put an end to the fiasco while speaking to speaking to “Good Morning America” Thursday.

“You know, I wish I said ‘pink’ because I would have been $40,000 richer,” Carvale told the television program. “But I said ‘something.’”

Closed-captioning for Carvale’s appearance shows the first thing out of her mouth while she was trying to solve the puzzle was “something orchid” — as if she were verbalizing her inner thoughts. The close-captioning never shows her use the word “pink” — a fact that seemed to annoy Carvale’s son.

“My son, the entire way home, because my 8-year-old son was in the audience ... [and] we live in Orange County ― the whole way home from LA, [he said], ‘Mom, I can’t believe you didn’t get pink. I can’t believe you didn’t get pink,’” Carvale recalled. “That word has already been haunting me and now all of America believes that I said it, but I didn’t.”

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