'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Has Unexplainably Weird Guesses

Pat Sajak was just confused.

The category was "What are you doing?" But we're not sure this contestant had any idea.

The final speed round was one weird fail on Tuesday's "Wheel of Fortune" as the big winner of the day, Nura, seemed to forget how to play all of a sudden -- guessing "Z" as in "Zulu," getting buzzed out twice and throwing in an "X," because why the heck not?

Pat Sajak was just as confused as any of us. His quotes included, "Say that again for me? Did you say, 'Z'? You did say, 'Z,' OK," and, "Wonder what letter Nura will call?"

The answer to the puzzle "Following Footprints" was nowhere near whatever Nura was supposedly thinking, so did she suddenly forget how to play? Did she throw the puzzle on purpose? Did Hermione Granger hit her with a Confundus Charm like she did to Cormac McLaggen so Ron Weasley could beat him in Quidditch tryouts?

After getting questioned by Sajak for her choice of letters, Nura said, "That's what I saw." So we may never know ... and by that we mean it was probably Hermione. 

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