'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Guesses The Worst Possible Answer

"Still not that."
I'd like to buy a mask to conceal my identity, Pat.
I'd like to buy a mask to conceal my identity, Pat.

Her "Wheel of Fortune" skills may not be the best, but at least she has great taste. 

The category was "Food & Drink" during Wednesday's "Wheel of Fortune" when a contestant buzzed in and guessed "Homemade Waffles." Considering what was on the board, it was a good guess, but, alas, it was wrong. Unfortunately, the next contestant thought it was so good that she decided to guess the same exact thing.

"Still not that," said Pat Sajak.

If you're going to guess wrong, "homemade waffles" is the way to go. No one's going to blame you. They're delicious. But ... why?

According to Inside Edition, the contestant misheard the previous answer. That makes sense since not guessing the previous answer is basically rule No. 1 of "Wheel of Fortune." Well, that, and also don't continue guessing answers you've been told are wrong. That happens, too. And, even worse, that person wasn't even talking about waffles.

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