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Wheelchair-Bound Model Shannon Murray Strikes A Pose For Debenhams Campaign (PHOTO)

British department store Debenhams switched things up a bit, using a model confined to a wheelchair in its current campaign, the Daily Mail UK reports. After breaking her neck at age 14, Shannon Murray has been physically disabled, but has still posed for cameras, making her a pioneer in the field. But she called the Debenhams shoot a good way:

"As I was getting ready in hair and make-up, the potential of this shoot suddenly struck me--another small step towards inclusion and representation."

The shoot, for Principles by Ben de Lisi, includes three other "real-size" models: "Kate Fullman, who is a size 16, Tess Montgomery, a petite 5ft 4in model and Tokumbo Daniel, who is a size 10."

Clair Lewis of the Direct Action Network told the Daily Mail, "As long as the campaign is more than just a brief moment of tokenism then I think it should be welcomed."