Oscar The Dog Is The Picture Of Perseverance After A Wheelchair Gave Him His Mobility Back

If any of the obstacles in your life are getting you down today, this precious pup is all the inspiration you need.

Rick Van Benschoten and his furry friend Oscar joined HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd on Monday to share the story of how Oscar gained his mobility back thanks to a doggy wheelchair. Van Benschoten explained that when he first met Oscar at a vet's office, his future pet was as joyful as ever but not in the best physical condition:

His legs at the time were completely limp -- no strength at all. So they were like these little noodles dragging behind him. But it must have been recess for the boarded pets [at the vet] because about eight animals came running out from the back, and Oscar was in the middle of the pack, happy as could be. His tongue's bouncing, his eyes are wide open, he's jumping around playing, and ... [I said], "This guy is incredible." We fell in love instantly.

The cause of Oscar's paralysis is unknown, but a neurosurgeon estimated to Van Benschoten that Oscar had been paralyzed three months before they met. The dog had almost been put down before he was adopted, but now, thanks to the company Handicapped Pets, Oscar has full mobility -- and more than 5,000 fans on Facebook.

Meet Oscar and hear his story in the video above, and click here for more from HuffPost Live's Pet Show.

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