Creative Dad Turns Son's Wheelchair Into 'Star Wars' Snowspeeder

Ryan Miller spent two weeks working on this out-of-this-world costume.

The Force is strong with this rad dad -- and his intrepid young son.

Wanting to make his 8-year-old son Jeremy’s Halloween celebrations that much more special, Ryan Miller recently transformed the child’s wheelchair into a snazzy "Star Wars"-inspired snowspeeder.

Miller, who designed the costume himself, told CNET that it took "two weeks full of late nights and weekend work to complete the project."

Under Jeremy’s watchful -- and eager -- eye, the creative dad used foam board, PVC pipe, bicycle brakes, Nerf guns and other items to put the snowspeeder together.

"[Jeremy] saw it throughout the build process and every night he would have this open-mouthed look of shock. He couldn't wait to get in it," Miller told CNET.

Jeremy, who has spina bifida, a condition that affects the spine, is no stranger to his dad’s imaginative antics.

Last year for Halloween, Miller turned his son’s wheelchair into Captain America’s motorcycle.


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