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Wheelchair Wisdom: Keep Stillness Inside of You

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In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. -- Deepak Chopra

Calm and stillness is the sacred space within us. Once we are in touch with it, we become very relaxed and peaceful, yet dynamically aware. The more we inhabit this space, the less inclined we will be to give up the space to judgments, fears, or negative beliefs and habits. I am presently in the process of selling my home of 20 years, so believe me, I'm also writing these words to empower my own calm and stillness.

When we are still, and accept what is, we are more able to make sound decisions and judgments. This is an essential cornerstone to a lifetime of powerful behavior that ultimately will lead to manifesting infinite possibilities. I believe that calm and stillness are the most important markers because they serve as a foundation for the remaining steps I will introduce in following blogs.

Calm is the universal state of fulfillment, the result produced by being present in the moment. It is a result of the interaction between what we think, feel, say, and do.

Discovering the Calm and Stillness

I came of age as part of the Woodstock generation and the Age of Aquarius, seeking a new way of life and looking for fulfillment and meaning. At age 19, I was thumbing through a book on Buddhism, entitled Be Here Now (Ram Dass, 1973). Reading this book would forever change the way I thought about life. It showed me how to begin to find freedom and peace daily within myself. This book pointed out how to use negative or difficult situations as a path to freedom and enlightenment. It demonstrated ways to let go of suffering, which is caused by holding on to attachments, desires, the past, and wants. For me, a valuable interpretation of Ram Dass's message was to find the flow of life and follow it -- not resist it.

I was not fully aware of how this profound classic would blaze a new spiritual trail that would shape and awaken not only my own consciousness, but the consciousness of a new generation. This book taught me to strive to be fully present in my life, and maintain that focus.

When we resist life, there is something for negativity to latch on to. But if you just accept it and let it flow, it will go right past you. If you resist life, you get stuck. This "find the flow, and follow it" is a lesson I have never forgotten. Trust me, it is not always easy, but it is fulfilling when I achieve it! Recognizing this universal truth was a relief to me, and began to form the context for how I have lived my life from that point forward, up to the present. In downsizing my home and opening myself up to what may be next, throughout this next month, I will read and re-read this article. When you are truly in the flow, you don't need to push or exert great effort to make things happen.

Healthy Living Guidance (Saskia Roell)

  • What is the most important area in your life to let go, so you can get in the flow?
  • What signal are you sending out to the Universe?
  • Does it match your goals?
  • Observe your beliefs this week. What moves you into the flow?
  • Be creative: dance, sing, hug, kiss, and get out of your mind!
  • Move your body and shake your Soul. I'll do the same! (even from my wheelchair.)

With love and freedom,

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