This Bicycle Coffeeshop Chain Might Give Starbucks A Run For Its Money

We like it a latte.

We aren’t used to ordering our iced cappuccinos from a bicycle. But if this is the future of coffee, we’ve never bean more excited.

Wheelys is a chain of eco-friendly coffeeshops on bikes that started in Sweden in 2014, and some industry folks predict it just might take over the world. From their place behind the pedals, Wheelys bike owners serve up all-organic fresh espresso, donuts and drinks from a hub that even converts coffee grounds into ready-to-plant soil cubes.

Already there are hundreds of Wheelys bikes operating in more than 45 countries, leading some enthusiasts to wonder if the chain could someday outgrow Starbucks. Indeed, their rapid growth is promising: The prestigious start-up incubator Y Combinator backed Wheelys last year, and they’ve earned a massive haul from successful crowdfunding campaigns.


How, you might be wondering, have you never heard about this?! Wheelys still appears to have the biggest presence near their roots in Europe, though they now operate all around the world from China to Guatemala.

Anybody who’s currently looking to own a Wheelys bike can visit Indiegogo and pre-order the next model, which will cost about $5,700 when it becomes available. As you can imagine, buying a coffeeshop bike is much cheaper ― and more eco-friendly ― than building out a brick-and-mortar storefront.

The bikes come stocked with all the equipment needed to make a cup of joe, and they’re pretty darn adorable to visit. You can order up at U.S. Wheelys locations in places like Phoenix, Salt Lake City and San Francisco.

Cheers to that!

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