When Are You Too Old To Have A Dog?

Corgi-loving Queen Elizabeth, 89, said she won't be getting another dog.
Queen Elizabeth II with one of her corgis at Sandringham, 1970. (Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth II with one of her corgis at Sandringham, 1970. (Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth, 89, said this week that she's too old to get another Corgi. That got us wondering: How old is too old to adopt a new pet? We asked Huff/Post50's Facebook friends what they thought and here's some of what they had to say:

Chrissie Johnson suggested that it's an individual decision. As far as the Queen goes, wrote Johnson, "If she feels she's too old, then that settles it." Johnson noted that while Queen Elizabeth may have servants to walk and care for her two beloved dogs, "Maybe she feels she doesn't have the energy anymore." Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II got her first Corgi, Sarah, for her 18th birthday and the breed has been a part of her life ever since. 

Anna Cornwall would urge the Queen to reconsider her "no more dogs" decision. Given that "She has servants 24/7, it's not like she has to walk the dog, take it to vet, etc. She should get another dog or even two." The Queen, according to the Daily Mail, declined an adviser's offer to find her a new puppy after the death of her dog Monty.

The Queen's current Corgis -- Holly and Willow -- will be her last, the adviser told Vanity Fair magazine. "She didn't want any more young dogs. She didn't want to leave any young dog behind. She wanted to put an end to it." There is also some worry that a young pup could trip the Queen, causing her to fall.

Reader Liz Lowell had a friend who got her elderly dad a puppy, that he then tripped over. "The puppy was being just how puppies are -- running around. The man broke numerous bones and long story short the dog ended up in the pound." 

It isn't taking care of an animal that worries reader Pat Toivsen Samiljan Williams. "In my 60s," wrote Williams, "I wonder if I will die before the dog does and who would take care of it. Although, [I'm] fairly sure the Queen doesn't have that issue." And after all, the Queen did once famously say, “My Corgis are family.”

 Readers, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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