When Bad News Gets Really Really.......Good


It is interesting to know that when farmers want to get the very best of their crops, they add fertilizers to the soil to create the right environment that accommodates decent and healthy growth and increased productivity. Fertilizers acts as agents that produces nutrients essential for growth. There are two types, organic and inorganic but I want to focus on the organic which is all natural and includes things such as bat guano, compost, peat moss, wood ash and cow manure. These are general soil amendments. But what seems interesting is how cow manure which is also known as cow dung, cow pats or cow peas, the waste product of domestic cattle, the undigested residue of plant matter which has passed through the animal's gut has now become matter highly rich in minerals. Not only can this be used as fertilizers but in other developing parts of the world such as rural areas in India and Pakistan, it can be used to produce biogas that generates renewable and stable source of electricity.

No matter how bad any situation is that affects us personally or professionally, it is always the catalyst that fertilizes a fresh opportunity. Just as the cattle has to feed on the plants, chewing and crushing, passing through its gut to finally be passed out as waste material that can be used as fuel for other things, our struggles, challenges, crushes, a declining state of loss be it professional or personal no matter how unpromising the problem may be is actually an agent designed to fertilizer the next most unexplainable and incomprehensible opportunity. Behind the scenes, our lows in one area is really creating our highs in another area. A balance that provides what we need in exchange for values that we have earned that may not be physical or material but principles capable of handling or managing properly a fresh degree of responsibility. But the process to reach such a destination is unavoidable because it is through that journey we attain the necessary attributes required to properly value the next big opportunity.

Every situation in life is a replicate of that which compliments another meaning in the same way cattle feed on plants only for them to pass it out as waste material that is used as fertilizer in the same soil that regrows the same plant, every problem has to occur because a solution already exists. It is inevitable. The cattle cannot survive without the plants and the plants cannot exists without the cattle's contribution to provide nutrients it need. Believe it or not but when bad news gets really really bad we are less insecure about embracing opportunities that can be more daring but yet with a possibility of success than anything we have ever seen. So the darker the tunnel goes, the brighter the light that comes to lead us out eventually and the deeper any hole is dug, the lengthier the ladder that is provided for us to climb out eventually. It is just unavoidable, problems exists because solutions exists already.

So maybe it is a business that has taken a bad turn or competitors are trying to run you out of the market with a new product or service that is inspiring, trust that the situation is no accident and soon to reveal to you a better approach to tackle a problem that becomes an opportunity. Or maybe it is a position one has been lobbying for only to find out the requirements are getting costlier by the minute, once again it is no accident, it will reveal to you who you really are concerning how you approach such an opportunity. A health issue that has gotten out of hand, creating more problems and become rare of its kind, there is an experimental drug or treatment already in phase that will give the situation a whole new meaning. Relationships you assume would last but has gradually grown into a tumor that needs to be cut off otherwise could be damaging, the replacements are on its way but first you had to be put in a position where you will not take for granted or hesitate to embrace a rare opportunity. Whatever the situation is, it will make more sense when put in the right perspective. God bless.