When Bad Things Happen To Good People


For the past six weeks I've been traveling from Maui to Orlando and many places in between. I've spoken to thousands of very diverse people.

All I met had three things in common.

  1. They want more than they have now.
  2. They know what they don't want, even more than what they do want.
  3. They will sacrifice time, effort and money to be their genuine, authentic best self.

The kindness and goodness I've experienced these past weeks has been overwhelming. Although, I'm seeing, feeling and being told about negative stress, hope and possibility still flickers in our country from coast to coast.

We are a hopeful nation and most of us have not succumbed to the negative rhetoric witnessed daily in the news. I am in Orlando, Florida now. This diverse city is reeling from the worst mass shooting in America's history. Nothing since 9/11 has so negatively impacted our country. Innocent, good people had bad things happen to them. The premeditated act of violence on a nightclub in downtown Orlando was senseless and horrific. Why did this happen?

Even though my recent travels have revealed so much goodness, there is an underbelly of despair, hopelessness, rage, depression, anger, anxiety and worry. As any individual replays these feelings over and over again, it can swiftly culminate in negative, aggressive behavior and unfortunately, violent acts. These acts are rare, but they are occurring more frequently.

What do good people do?

People everywhere need to live life freely and to it's fullest every day. Make each day count. Make each day last. Slow down. Do this by spending more time fully engaged in the moment. Let the motto of, "No place I'd rather be than where I am right now!" resonate through every cell of your body.

What do good people do
when bad things happen?

Stay the course of positive, solution oriented thoughts and actions. Influence those around you in a positive manner. Be proactive in spreading good vibes. Never succumb to the negative forces that walk amongst us. Be vigilant, but avoid becoming a victim and or a judge. When the victim and judge in you surfaces, our nation slowly allows negative forces to spread.

Good people fight negativity by never changing their positive ways. Is this easy when no one or nothing can explain a tragedy like in Orlando? No, but it's worth the fight!

"Next!" is the battle cry of the good. The "Next" random act of kindness directed to friends, colleagues, neighbors and strangers alike. The "Next" step forward in reaching your vision and goals. The "Next" smile delivered to brighten a negative mind. The "Next" helping hand that reaches out to someone in need. The "Next" I'm awesome! answer to someone's "How are you?" The "Next" day of extreme positivity that is ready to blanket the cold reality of worry, anxiety and depression.

Bad things can and do happen to good people. It is here that good people double down on all that's good and share it with the world.

Be your genuine, authentic best self. Attract the Zone in all you do. Fill your heart with good. Then pass it on.