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This Is What Happens When Black Women Try On 'Nude' Clothing

All nudes are not created equal -- but someone needs to tell that to the fashion and beauty industries. The underwear, makeup and shoes that come in the color "nude" are often for fairer skin tones, which leaves black women without many options.

The folks over at Buzzfeed wanted to prove this point and they did just that in a hilarious, yet candid, video in which a few brown-skinned women model "nude" items to see how close the color is to their actual skin tones. As you can imagine, the experiment was a failure. One woman said: “So the only take-away I got was that nude equals ashy on me.”

Sounds about right. Check out the video above!

On a more positive note, there are several companies -- including Christian Louboutin, Nubian Skin, and Tkees -- that are creating products in a range of hues to accommodate more complexions. Hooray!

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