Tracee Ellis Ross Joins Diana Ross Onstage In Adorable Mother-Daughter Duet

When your mother is Diana Ross, you get onstage and sing with her.

It's hard to imagine that the ever-vibrant Tracee Ellis Ross was once shy about anything. But the 43-year-old daughter of music legend Diana Ross just proved she's overcome a childhood fear of singing onstage -- and we love it. 

Ross posted video clips to her Instagram account Saturday of her nervously joining her iconic mom onstage last week in Las Vegas to sing Billie Holiday's "Lady Sings The Blues." 

On her personal website, the "Black-ish" co-star recounts her mom calling her onstage and feeling like she was "6 years old again."

"I still get nervous all the time but I never let it stop me and I’m certainly not afraid of performing," Ross wrote. "But, somehow, by the time I stepped onto the stage it was as if I was 6 years old again! There’s something about singing… It’s no joke trying to do that as the child of DIANA ROSS, let alone while standing by her side onstage."

The last time Diana Ross called her daughter onstage was when Ross was five or six years old, Ross explained on her site. 

At the close of Ross' performance, Diana Ross encouragingly told the crowd "she can sing and she won't sing." But perhaps the most comforting part of the experience for Ross, was "burying" her head on her mom's shoulder. 

"My favorite part was me burying my head into her shoulder," Ross wrote. "It has been ages since I’ve hidden so deeply in my mother’s embrace and it was awesome."

Many would agree, there's nothing like a mother's embrace to make you feel like a superstar -- onstage or not. 

Check out the performance uploaded by Fredy Rimando on Youtube below:

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