When Do We Begin To Truly Live?

It's been an emotional couple of days for the United States citizens, especially for the black community. Protests are being held in solidarity to black lives and with strong request for justice to be served. The shootings of two black men some days ago seem like the last straw that broke the camel's back. The ripple effect of such brutality is currently being felt. While we hope for the very best to come out of these sad events, it's really sad to imagine that there still exists a high probability that things may not change much. In less than two days, two black lives were cut short at the hand of police officers and it's heartbreaking to note that it's not the first time. If justice indeed was being served in time past, perhaps the rate at which these barbaric episodes reoccur would have greatly reduced.

Black lives have weighed no more than an unstable walking bag of bones in time past. They are mostly seen as a threat at almost every turn for no tangible reason. A black mother almost perpetually lives in fear that her son may not return home whenever she kisses him goodbye in the mornings. Black men are scared to ride their cars freely on the street as some officer could flag them down and empty bullets in his chest. Perhaps they should cease driving, stick to comfortable cabs and do a Black Lives Matter taxi campaign while at it. That could be a healthier option.

When really do we all start living? Strangely, it feels like these incidents spiked the most during the administration of a black president. How ironic. Barack Obama is arguably the finest president America has had. However, these unruly behavior among some police officers, call for great concern. Why do they feel the need to be threatened by blacks even when they have no cause to be? Interestingly, they can easily check to see that there are no criminal records for some of them.

Men are resorting to taking the law into their own hands. Micah Xavier Johnson, who was found to have no criminal record, was shot down because he got upset over the black killings and wanted to exert his version of justice. Prior to the incidence in Dallas, he was clearly a man who believed in his country, joined the military and served patriotically.

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are just two of the 136 blacks who have fallen at the hand of police officers this year. A report says that 100 unarmed black men died in 2015. While the world is still reacting to the shocking videos that were shared all over social media, we sincerely need to ask, when do we truly begin to live like equally created humans? White habitants took to the streets in support of blacks but really, after all these blow over, will blacks really be allowed to live freely and equally? Will the police department respect the law and not become the law? I wonder just how long I would search and wait to get these answers.