When Does the Lesser Evil Become Just Evil?

So much for the mythical Republican threat. As always, when it goes to shit, Democratic operatives will blame the neo-cons, or whomever, and self-absolve.
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House Resolution 1955 must have been numbered to reflect the rebirth of the House Un-American Activities Committee, that was flailing in its McCarthyite abuse of US citizens that year after McCarthy's vicious anticommunist burlesque a year after Joseph Nye Welch rebuked McCarthy publicly during one of his Congressional show trials.

The revival of these witch hunts is not being headed up by Republicans, but by Democrat Representative Jane Harmon of California's 36th District. So much for the mythical Republican threat. As always, when it goes to shit, Democratic operatives will blame the neo-cons, or whomever, and self-absolve. Those bad, bad authoritarian Republicans!

Let me remind readers that no President in the last seven decades has had a more devastating effect on the African American community -- the greatest captive demographic of this lesser-evil scam -- than Bill Clinton, whose "crime bill" facilitated the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of Black, non-violent offenders who were already facing the perils of ubiquitous prosecutorial misconduct, bigoted judges and juries, and vast sentencing disparities.

Read Harmon's Orwellian masterpiece... and weep. The Dems are showing freaked-out Suburbia that they can wipe their ass with the Constitution just as well as any Republican, if it will just stop all that "violent radicalization." And the women in the men's club are proving they can be just as mean and asinine as any man.

Hardly any Democrat is challenging the recent Bush administration propaganda that Iran's government is producing and distributing weapons for Iraqi resistance fighters.

The US military has been claiming all year that Iran is sending explosively-formed-penetrators (EFPs) into Iraq; and to date has not shown a single shred of supportable evidence to back this up. In fact, no one has demonstrated that Iran is any kind of threat to the US. The reason -- dare I say it -- is that the whole thing is a lie. That's spelled L-I-E. It means an intentional fabrication.

It's no surprise that the defense-industry press pretends otherwise, but the vast majority of Democrats have already been harmonized on the message that Iran is dangerous.

They say that the truth is the first casualty of war. It's also the first casualty of Democratic political campaigns... the exceptions this time being a few like Kucinich and Cindy Sheehan.

How many Democrats are pushing for sanctions against Iran? On what grounds? Nukes? They don't have any. Israel does, though. No sanctions there. So does Pakistan, India, China, France, etc etc. No sanctions anywhere. Most of the nukes are in the US, however, and no one is sanctioning us.

For that matter, what are Democrats saying about the government of Venezuela? ... now the most advanced experiment in this hemisphere in popular democracy. Have any of the front-runners for the Oval Office decried the US-supported coup attempt against that democratically elected government? No, Nancy Pelosi called President Chavez "an everyday thug." Her support for that statement? There is none.

Have any of the Democratic front-runners made a peep about the successful US-orchestrated coup against the democratically elected government of Haiti? Obama said he would "support a fact-finding mission." A fuken fact-finding mission! About a transparent US overthrow of a legitimate government! The rest of them? Silence.

Which of them showed up at Jena?

How many of them will dare speak out about Israeli abuses of Palestinians? Or even the recent attacks against academic freedom by American Zionists? Among the front-runners? Zero, that's how many.

They won't even vote to impeach the current band of gangsters, though there is evidence aplenty to do so.

Here is what we should be telling them, instead of holding out the perennial hope that this "lesser evil" will somehow show us a difference.

Tell them they can all go straight to hell.

I'll vote Kucinich in the primary. Likely as not, that will be my last vote above the state level. And then I'll tell people to resist, resist, resist... and Congresswoman Harmon can investigate us for our "violent radicalizations."

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