When Fear Follows Focus


You spent hours doing the background research and more hours organizing all of the data and information. You focused on extracting the essential elements from the countless documents you read, summarizing it all and adding your own conclusions and call to action. Finally you burned the midnight oil arranging your Powerpoint so that it was succinct, creative and professional. You believed your boss and coworkers would be amazed at your talent, intelligence and hard work.

But now, you're scared. You begin to have second thoughts about the entire presentation.

What if you couldn't pull it off? What if you stumbled or your boss and cohorts frowned upon your ideas?

What if someone asked a question you couldn't answer? What if... ?


You just spent many hours focusing on creating something very important. Why would you allow fear of failure to derail you?

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. You are able to be so focused and directed, with a sincere intention to create something you know is going to be great, but then when it's time to launch, you get the pre-launch jitters. Well, some of us do.

Here's a secret: even some of the most successful leaders, corporate executives and entrepreneurs feel excitement about launching a new product, idea or pitch, but they don't allow fear to grip them. They simply "let it land" where it may. The best leaders take the fear of uncertainty out of their success equation. And that's how they create a WiN!

There is always a great deal of excitement (and some anxiety) with any new launch of a product, idea, or business. Calm those fears. Calm any propensity to think what "could go wrong ". Instead, switch it up: What if everything goes so right? Honestly, most often reality falls somewhere in the middle, between what you wanted/expected to happen and what actually happens. And more often than not, the upside is so UP, that you would never have imagined just how good it could be! So why give way to fear? It will only short you in the long run and cause a ton of needless suffering along the way.

I am a huge believer of "endless possibilities" (shout out to Deepak Chopra for this mantra).

When you are dedicated, focused and persevering to create anything with a beautiful intention behind it, let go of your fears and, let it FLY ! Let it land where it lands. No regrets , no awful self esteem "would have/could have's". Just acceptance. Flow with where it takes you. Who knows, there could be an awesome opportunity just lurking behind door No. 1, door No. 2, or even door No. 3!

And you will get to revel in that! Fear no MORE!