When God Gives You a Do-Over!

Free woman raising arms to golden sunset summer sky and ocean like praising. Freedom, success and hope concept. Girl relaxing
Free woman raising arms to golden sunset summer sky and ocean like praising. Freedom, success and hope concept. Girl relaxing and enjoying peace and serenity on beautiful nature.

Written By Sharon Blake

When God preforms the very thing that you have been waiting on for what seems a lifetime, feelings of joy are unimaginable. Sometimes it seems as if the very thing you are hoping for is never going to happen and we begin to question ourselves and God; do we have enough faith, do we really believe that we deserve it, and maybe God doesn't want me to have it at all. But when God performs a miracle you can make no mistake about the fact that it is God because you have probably exhausted every avenue to obtain it yourself and it has not worked.

For a very long time my life was nothing more than many series of painful events; that at the time I had not a clue why these events where happening. I was simply an emotional wreck, I was hopeless to say the least and faith was not a core part of my belief system at that time. I mean how could it be every time I would try to do something good bad seemed to come and attack it. I got to the point (as a Christian) where I was bankrupt in my belief that God could really turn my life around. What I didn't know was that all of the set-backs in my life that where happening was because I needed to learn some very valuable lessons that taught me how to love, how to have faith, and trust God.

Addiction took me to a place where I had lost so much, (myself, my kids, and some of my precious memories) that I so wanted back. I had nowhere else to turn but to God and I prayed and I did everything that I thought I was supposed to do except wait. I was so focused on wanting to get my kids back that I had forgotten that I needed to get me back first. So in my search for me I found the meaning for my pain; my pain had a purpose and I could learn from it if I didn't solely focus on the pain but focus on what I needed to learn from the pain. After I learned how to love me and trust God something amazing started to happen. God gave me a do-over!

My relationship with my two daughters were very strained but God has restored us back to each other not only has he restored our relationships but he has given me the opportunity to get my memories back and to create new ones. I don't remember some of the toddler years and child hood years with my girls. But God has given me the opportunity now to re-live these years with my grandchildren. It's truly a do-over. I get to be in the moments of potty-training frustrations, finicky eating syndromes, toe nail painting, and the demands of "NO Nana." I also get the opportunities to be a part of the joys of hearing the pitter patter of little feet going into the kitchen looking for snacks, getting sloppy wet kisses on your faces in the morning to say hey its "num num time," and the joys of what we call "cozy cozy time" when we get to snuggle up close just to be close to each other. These precious moments that create new memories as well as old memories that where once lost have now been restored with new precious moments that I shall cherish forever.

So when God gives you a do over cherish each precious moment. Not all moments of transition will be comfortable but all should be cherished. God truly does answer prayers.


Sharon is a mother of three children and "nana" to four grandchildren. Sharon herself has overcome some major barriers in her life, she has been homeless and is an ex- addict, ex-prostitute and a domestic violence survivor. The person she became originated from her childhood and would require a major overhaul of her thoughts, will, and her emotions. Sharon's life would not be her life without the love of her father God, to him she owes more than she can give.

She is a Huffington Post blogger, an author of, "Chronicles of Pain" and a co-author of Best Selling book "20 Beautiful Women Volume 2". Her new book which will be released Feb/2016 is called The Thought Detox. She has an AA degree in Human Service Management as well as Chemical Dependency Trainee Certificate through the state of Washington. Her work with the homeless/addicted population has inspired her to share her story, this is where she recognized the importance and the impact of being transparent in helping others. The goals for writing these books are to help shed light on why individuals get to some very desolate and dark places in life. Sharon facilitates support groups called "Friday Night Talks" at emergency shelters in her community.

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