It's 'When Harry Met Sally' Season. Here's How To Dress Accordingly.

These pieces are best worn while singing "The Surrey with the Fringe On Top" at your local Sharper Image.

Well, folks, somehow we’ve arrived at the magical time of year that some people refer to as “fall” but what the best of us know only as “When Harry Met Sally” season.

It’s a season stacked high with chunky knits:

Actors Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal pose for the movie "When Harry Met Sally," circa 1989.
Hulton Archive via Getty Images
Actors Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal pose for the movie "When Harry Met Sally," circa 1989.

Tweed blazers:

Tapered denim:

Bowler hats:

And big glasses:

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Basically, all the things Billy Crystal’s Harry Burns and Meg Ryan’s Sally Albright (spoiler alert) wear while falling in love.

It’s a season for ordering things “on the side” and having “what she’s having.” It’s a season for questioning everything ― or at least whether or not men and women can really be friends.

Each year around this time, the internet pays homage to the quintessentially fall rom-com, and it’s as satisfying as the crunch of leaves under your feet on a walk through Central Park.

The Harry and Sally aesthetic is more relevant now than ever. Just thinking about cozying up on the couch to watch “Casablanca” in a fisherman sweater is enough to soothe the existential dread of the moment, at least for a little while.

Here are 11 pieces to help you channel “When Harry Met Sally” all fall long.

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