When Hearts Lead the Conversation Walls Disappear

We all are born; we all die.   We all laugh; we all cry.   We all know joy; we all know pain.   We all share the same planet,   and we all share the same name:   Human Being

Recently, I had the honor of making several presentations at the CSL Convention of  The Americas in Lake Chapala, Mexico. It was the first time I have spoken before a group with the help of a translator using wireless technology, allowing each person who spoke only Spanish to hear and, simultaneously,  understand my words as they were spoken. It was quite remarkable to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with so many sweet people, knowing it wasn't just my words they heard; the translator did an exquisite job of conveying the content of my heart-which was teeming with gratitude and a feeling of oneness that transcended any language or cultural boundaries. Likewise, when my new friends spoke to me their hearts lead the conversation; I know this is true because I could see it in their eyes; their words (most of which I could not understand) were secondary. The realization I had was, while some politicians talk of building a wall separating "us" from "them" they can never build a wall high enough to separate hearts that know, in truth, there is only One of us here.   

When we can look beyond age, gender, nationality, color, culture, religion, or any of the other many labels we tend to place upon others and ourselves, we realize we are all very much the same. All it takes is a simple gaze into another's eyes while remembering that who we are looking at is actually a reflection of some aspect of ourselves...followed, of course, by the universal language of a smile to bridge any perceived communication gap. What we each have in common by far outweighs what we don't. May we all focus on that golden thread in the tapestry of life to which we each add our unique essence, called "Human Being," and celebrate the beauty and diversity found in our oneness. Now, more than ever, this seems to the call of the soul to which we must respond as a species.

Peace, Dennis

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