When In Doubt... Trust Your Gut

When Something Other Than Common Sense Talks:

The twin towers fell and hundreds of brave hearts lost their lives.

But dig a little deeper and you can find dozens of astounding stories where people have sworn that they turned their cars around mid-ride on the fateful day and decided to “call in sick”.

Because something just didn’t feel “right”.

Because an intelligence…beyond the one we value so much…spoke. And those who are still alive and well today – listened.

How many times do we disregard this gut instinct as we navigate home, work and our social responsibilities?

Whenever things seem a bit off, we quickly take out our checklist of good old common sense.

We look for gaping holes and signs of danger.

But if we can’t perceive anything tangible right away – we call ourselves silly and move on.

Does tragedy always strike like clockwork?


But it does so more often than can be safely shelved as mere coincidence.

Heeding Your Intuition Comes from a Place of Deep Trust:

It is only when you can truly and subconsciously rely on yourself to “have your back” can you trust your gut and make course corrections accordingly. It goes back to that stubborn lesson we just can’t master for good – self love.

Self-love and self-trust go hand in hand.

Appreciate yourself, know that you are always and forever doing the best you can. Stop beating yourself up.

And you will hear the soft voice of intuition whispering more often and with more life changing advice.

I struggled with this surrender for a very long time. But when I decided to give it a try because life’s too short to live by other people’s golden rules, I discovered a new freedom. The freedom of having an internal GPS that rarely messes up.

It’s a feeling beyond beautiful.

And it can completely change how you relate to others and the world around you.

You are no longer at the mercy of the whims and fancies within your relationships. You know you can discern what’s best for you. And walk away…or hold on!

The Gut & Boudoir:

Some women seem to “own” their boudoir sessions. While some feel hesitant and stuck.

Yes, the shutterbug you choose should ideally put you at ease. But intuition plays an important role in the process.

You don’t shed your inhibitions – and your clothes – for the camera everyday. It’s uncharted territory. And utterly liberating.

So when you debate with yourself about putting your hands behind your back, exposing your derriere or wearing a certain outfit, consciously move away from the mental chatter of “I won’t look as good as the models if I do this” and ask yourself “What do I want?”

If the answer scares you – jackpot.

You’ve listened to your intuition.

The ride from there on will be exhilarating to say the least.

Try it out!!

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