When Is the Last Time You Got SUPER Excited About Being You?

Instead of reflecting on all the things you don't like, are you willing to get super psyched about EVERYTHING? I know of a 4 year old that will show you how...

"I can do anything good, ya, ya, ya!" - Jessica, age 4

One of my favorite teachers of all time is Jessica. Take a look at her "lecture" she recorded at 4 years old. She embodies how we all came into the world: accepting, loving, and super psyched about who we are. But then things happen and people tell us things that somehow become louder than the affirming self-talk that is our nature. We grow up and get super serious and even more super at criticism.

My invitation to you today is get excited about you and your life. So excited that you want to stand on a counter and celebrate anything and everything! Can you forget all those lies you've been telling yourself about what you don't like or can't too? In doing so you will take responsibility for your own self-esteem which will feel like a HUGE relief! Imagine the liberation that you will feel when you stop waiting for a reason to like yourself and your life.

I have a powerful suggestion to kick start a reconnection to your own enthusiasm about you. I invite you to mimic Jessica by going to your mirror and saying aloud while looking in your own eyes, "I like EVERYTHING about me and my life and I can do ANYTHING." Keep going by then stating all the things you like in your life and all the things you like about yourself. Don't stop until you feel that child-like excitement in your body. Take in the smile that will come across your face and the twinkle you see in your eyes. Notice how much better life feels when you restore the innocence of the little girl or boy inside of you who truly thinks your life is the best!