When it's Time to Pivot and Create a Worthy Revolution

When it's Time to Pivot and Create a Worthy Revolution
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"Look at yourself. Not everything is a good fit. Find your tribe. Find your voice."

Mimika Cooney did just that. Growing up with a serial entrepreneurial father and marrying an entrepreneur, it seemed to be Mimika's destiny to be in business for herself too.


Mimika has been an entrepreneur for most of her life. From running an advertising directory with her husband to a very successful photography business, she even attended broadcasting school. Mimika fell into the wedding photography business but realized it didn't work with her family commitments. She realized someone else's business model did not fit her desired lifestyle so she began to look at who was owning a niche in her area and asked herself what the market wanted and how she could fit that need. Her clients at the time were brides who began having babies. She recognized maternity and newborn photography was a niche she could own. So she reinvented herself.

She became known as an accomplished award winning photographer; her work appearing on PBS as well as authoring two books on the subject of photography. Other photographers and businesses began to notice her success and how it seemed to be effortless for Mimika to attract clients. She started working with entrepreneurs consulting on branding and marketing. Inevitably, another reinvention came and by this time, Mimika became somewhat of a specialist in the art of reinvention.

"Look at yourself. Not everything is a good fit. Find your tribe. Find your voice."

Today, Mimika is a Video Marketing & Visibility Strategist. Though she had many careers, she took her own advice and began a journey to discovering what lit her up.

Thinking about reinventing yourself? Mimika offers these tips for understanding when it's time to pivot and the steps to take:

"Women often want to please others and often hide parts of our personality."

Look at yourself and decide what lights you up. When Mimika asked herself what she would do without pay, she realized she craved freedom and her passion was working with women entrepreneurs.

Reengineer how you can use your skills and talent in other areas. Mimika combined her 20 years of marketing, branding, broadcasting and advertising experience to help build the business of others.

Find your tribe Mimika works with coaches, authors, speakers and female entrepreneurs. She found her tribe by being active in Facebook groups, getting interviewed on podcasts and speaking at conferences.

Understand who you are and the value you offer and don't be afraid to make a change.
Although Mimika had already experienced great success in her other businesses, she knew she was worthy of more.

Enter the Revolution.

Launching in January 2017, The Worthy Revolution is Mimika's latest project. And through Worthy TV she hopes to inspire emerging women leaders while offering a platform for collaborations, inspirations and trainings.

The Worthy Revolution isn't necessarily a reinvention for Mimika but more of an extension of the brand she's already created.
But when you're ready to start your own revolution, don't forget to tap into what lights you up and pivot if it's time for reinvention.

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