When Nepotism Goes Awry: Politicians And Their (Naughty?) Sons

Sons of big name political leaders have been making the news this week from Europe to Africa. In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy has taken heat for naming his son Jean to a high level government position. And in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi named his son Seif al-Islamsecond-in-command of the country.

But if you think Jean Sarkozy is controversial, check out these other sons who have gotten that extra boost from their parents' positions of power. Some have committed much worse acts than getting a big promotion. Which of these sons are the families' prized jewels -- and which are the black sheep?

UPDATE: And another! The BBC has reported that groups in Egypt have started campaigning to stop President Hosni Mubarak from passing power down to his son. The campaign, under a banner that translates loosely to "Who gave you the right?" is organized by a former presidential challenger, Ayman Nour.

Top 5 Controversial Political Sons

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